kebabs and friendship

Good evening dear ones! 
Hope you all had a great day. 
I had a great Wednesday.  Started with work at the old people's home. So much fun.  
After work I did some exercise and then I went for a run.  I heard all the birds sing. So lovely. 
After workout I had a skypecall with dear Gabby. Miss that girl!!! We are going to book a trip to them in June. Can't wait.  
For dinner tonight I made kebabs with rice, feta sauce and tomato salad. Yum! 
I just made a coconut pannacotta for desert tomorrow. .. ☺👍
My lovely friend/teamleader Helena just came over and gave me a few tupperware products.  She is such a beautiful and strong person. A big idol.  So glad to have her in my life.  
Tomorrow is the last day of work this week. It's the first of May on Friday and it means day off here in Sweden.  Yey! 
Tomorrow night we are heading to our friends Emma and Tobias. The had a baby in December and we still haven't met the little angel. So I am excited to see the three of them. 
So now time for bed! 
Lots of love ❤

Friends for ever

This girl. She has been my friend for ages. I miss her alot. Unfortunatly we don't live in the same country anymore. 
We have so many memories together and everytime I think of her I smile because we have so much in common. We have made the craziest things and have laught until we cried.  Thanks for being my friend Gabriella.  I miss you and I love you.

I still belive in your eyes

Good evening!  
A sore and tired Jenny is sitting eating peanuts right now. 
I have had a great day. Started it early with work for three hours. Then breakfast home with my man♡ 
In the afternoon I went to pick up my car from last nights party.  The party was fun! It was so good to see my friend Eveliina again!  But I was home late and drank to much wine...😄 
But somehow I managed to bet my record on 15 kilometres running today! I am so proud of myself.  
Soon my darling, myself and a few friends are going to Restaurant Bambo, to eat asian food. Yum! Can't wait,  I am starving. 
Have a wonderful evening!  Love Jen ❤