Engagement, babycuddles and food

Hello Tuesday! 
Hope you are well. I am feeling great after a powerwalk and some mama exercise on my yoga mat. Baby is still sleeping so I popped in to say hi. 
Yesterday I was feeling tired and sick all day. Today is much better, thank God. I don't wanna get sick and even more I don't want my little one to get sick!! Lily has a snotty nose but except that she is doing juist fine. There is so much sickness around now and I cross my fingers we will skip it!! 
Well yesterday Andreas and I had our engagement day. 2 years engagement, amazing. Hope we will get married in the near future too. 
We celebrated with one glas of rosé wine we bought in France.
Sunday evening we made this for dinner. One of my favorite for sure. Veggie-bolognese with spagetti and lots of parmesan. 
 Yesterday I made this for dinner. Veggie wok with oumph and jasmine rice. Yum! 
 My little hunny-bunny in her baby gym. 
 And some cuddles on the sofa. My happy girl! 
Have a lovely day! Time for lunch


Hello beautiful world, 
How are you? 
I feel so thankful and emotional right now. My birthday was great and I got to spend it with people I love. 
I have so much love in my life, so many caring people, family and friends. And my beloved fiancé and soon a baby. Thank you so much life for giving me this. 
Little babyboo in there, at least we don't have to share the same birthday. Today is only one week until duedate. Time flies!! 
We drank this non-alco champagne yesterday, so delicious! 
My man. I am so so happy to have him in my life. Love him to the moon and back. 
For dinner last night I had made this vegetarian smörgåstårta ( a typical swedish dish I would say, it's like a "breadcake") Very yum. It was the first time I made my own and I was pretty happy by the way it looked. 
Flowers I got from my family yesterday. I love flowers!! 
I also got those super comfy shoes from my mum. 
My love came home yesterday with those two presents.. 
... he knows what I like.. bodylotion, candle and lipstick. 
And I also got those supercool coconut-candle-holder. This picture is not a good one. But with candles in them they look so cool! Love them! 
I love presents for sure, who doesn't? 
But the most important thing in life is to live a healthy and happy life and to have positive and loving people around you. 
Bildresultat för quotes thankful
Bildresultat för quotes thankful
Today I had a relaxed day. I took care of the dishes from yesterdays dinner and all the flowers I got from my family. After lunch today a friend came over and we went for a little walk. After the walk she stayed for a cup of tea. Cosy! 
Now it's time for a shower! 
Have a wonderful arvo! And thank you for reading my blog!! 
Love Jenny 

Relaxing weekend

Hello Sunday afternoon, 
how are you? 
I am fine and feeling relaxed. Weekend has been very relaxing so far. Today we haven't been doing to much except watching Tv, eating and a little walk outside. Yesterday was about the same. But last evening my sister and Jackie came over and had dinner with us. We made pizza together, so cosy.
Tonight we are invited to my parents for dinner. Familytime again, I don't mind, I love spending time with them.
Leftover pizza from yesterday for todays lunch. Yum! I love making my own pizza, on those ones we had sweetpotatoe, mozzarella, zucchini, vegoham and pinapple. 
Chilling out on the sofa with my darling, sister and Jackie. We watched a horrow-movie last night. Luckly I didn't have any nightmares and slept so good last night only woke up one time to go to the restroom. 
Our sweetpea Jackie<3 
Yesterday both me and Andreas had cravings for chocolatecake so I made one in the afternoon, after our walk. 
And more food.. yesterdays breakfast. Breadrolls and lots of fresh fruits, coffee and smoothie. 
And more breakfast today! Feels like I can eat all the time now. But I also wanna be filled with energy, if we have to go into labour.  
Belly feels so big now! Today it feels like it's "dropped down" a little bit, but maybe it's just me.. How knows maybe he/she wants to meet us earlier than duedate.
Tomorrow it's time to meet the midwife again and after that I will refresh my eyelashes. Will be a good start of the week. And on Wednesday it's my birthday! Not sure how I will celebrate it, I take one day at a time now.
Hope you all are having a cosy Sunday! 
Love to you,