Walking on sunshine

Hello there! 
Tuesday today! Hope you are well! I'm doing fantastic, sitting on our balcony soaking some sun! How lovely! 
Lily is sleeping. Today we have been at baby rhythmic, so much fun meeting all mums and babies again. Today we ate waffles together. After a few hours there, my friend Carro and I went for a walk in this gorgeous weather. I feel so blessed right now. Beautiful life!! 
Soon my love will be home and tonight I will sweat at the gym again. 
This little girl makes me so happy. I love her so so much! Love being your mum ❤❤

Sunshine, birthdays and bestie

Hello Monday and hello new week! 
Today both me and Lily slept in, sooo needed after a full on weekend. I love Mondays, no stress, no work. 
Well weekend has been very good. I got to spend more time with my beautiful friend Gabby, both my brother and my sister in law had birthdays and I have been out both running & walking in the beautiful weather.
Friday evening was spent with bestie Gabby, her boyfriend Neil and Gabbys family.  We had a lovely time. 
How I have missed hanging with this girl <3 
Saturday I started the day with a run and a nice breekie with my family. A beautiful and sunny day. After lunch we went into Town for some grossery shopping and and a coffee out. Cosy family-day. 
breestfeeding a little one. 
In the evening we were invited to my parents in law for some dinner and birthday celebrations. My sister in law had her birthday yesterday.
Sunday we woke up to sun again and after breakfast I went for another run and after my run some workouts at home .
For lunch I made savory waffles with a nice vego-mayo-cream- vegoham-sauce. ( Saturday was waffle-day here in Sweden.) I love all kind of waffles!! 
 In the afternoon I made a milkshake on raspberries, soyamilk and homemade icecream and chocolate sauce, yum!! 
Later on we went to see my friend gabby again and say good-bye to them, since the left Sweden early this morning. 
After goodbye-hugs we drove home to my parents, since my brother had his birthday on Saturday. Before dinner my love and I took Lily in the stroller and went for a walk down to the lake. Jackie was with us too, our sweet sweet dog. Love her<3 
It was so beautiful down the lake. Love it so much being down there! 
So we finished of the weekend with this yummie pavola my sister in law had made. 
I feel so blessed for having such a great family. Love you all! 
Well soon it's time for a walk with our lovely neighbors C&E. 
 Have a wonderful day! 
Love Jen 

Hello Weekend!

Hello weekend! 
Can't believe it's weekend again! 
Finally the spring has came to Sweden. And I hope it's here to stay. Today and yesterday I started the day with a walk/run. So nice when the sun is out !
And yesterday I finally get to meet Gabby again, my bestie I haven't seen in almost 2 years. So good! We spent the afternoon together and had lunch out and coffee at my place.
Tonight we are invited to her mum's place for some dinner. :)
Soon I will head out again- thought me and Lily would go visit where my mum works.
My little princess today! 
When Andreas came home yesterday we went out for another walk!
Coffee and non alco sparkling wine. Tumbs up! 
Banana-panncakes I made yesterday, yum. 
My love, my everything! 
wish you all a wonderful start of this weekend! 
Love Jen