Love will find it's way

Good afternoon friday!
Having a cup of tea in my hands and soon heading to work again. Will be a busy evening tonight, will be heaps of fun tho!
Have been a bit tired today.. but it's ok! Been a bit boring day I guess. Haven't really done anything.. but some days can be like that ;)
Hope your friday have been and are more excited than mine..
I think I need to take a trip somewhere.. that would be awesome. We will see.
Better get myself ready. Have a good one guys. It's friday !
 The new album with the danish singer Rasmus Seebach is not bad at all! Me like. 
Lots of love Jen

All the little things..

Good evening !! 
Been at work all day , been a good one! Hope yours has too! 
Last night was cosy ...
Now it's bedtime, 
Sweet dreams ♡♡ 
Maww kiss Jen 

Una vita meravigliosa

Ciao a tutti,
Spero tuttu posto!!
Hope your day have been great despite this grey weather today!
I have had a day off , always meraviglioso. Slept until 10.30.. had a nice breakfast, reading the news paper and went out for a run with Jackie after that. This afternoon I baked a little bit and had a loong wonderful shower. Soon I am heading to Värnamo.. to see a friend.. ;)
I can't believe it's the first of December on sunday. I know I always say time flies. But sometimes it's almost scary...
But that's why we should enjoy our life even more! And .-.carpe diem-
I am blessed. I have done and will do and can do what I want to do in life. And by being surrounded by so many happy and inspiring people makes it even more fantastic. Yeay! 
Una vita meravigliosa.

Ci vediamo,
Un bacione Jen