Sogno di oro

After a day with work, new info, TRX workout and a yummie dinner I am now in bed. Hope you all have had a great Thursday.  Tomorrow it's Friday again, yes!  
Sleep well, 
Sogno di oro 

Easter weekend

Hello babes, 
Hope you are doing just fine and have had a wonderful Easter weekend. 
I am doing great, sorry being bad with updates here on the blog. 
I have had a few days off with a bit of everything; relaxing, exercise, some extra job, family- and friends time. 
I just got back home after meeting up with my wonderful cousin Matilda <3 It was so good to see her again. We went for a walk and talked about everything- just like old friends do. I hope to go visit her in Gothenburg in May.
Good Friday was spent at the gym, with friends and in the evening we had familydinner at my parents.We celebrated my wonderful little brother Johan! He just turned 23! <3 
Easter Eve we had a relaxing morning and in the afternoon we went to my parents-in-law for some coffee and cake. In the evening some of our friends came over and we made some yummie food together, it was a good evening. 
Yesterday I slept in and then I worked all day at the old peoples home. Work went good and when I was back home again around 9ish I had a late dinner and watched a movie with my love. 
Today it sunny and gorgeous outside. You can feel the spring is on it's way and it so lovely. I might go for a second walk today- just because it's so nice weather outside. 
I haven't taken many photos this weekend. But here's a few. 
Lots of love to you all!