Finished off this week with dinner at my parents house. I love them so much, and I am such a happy and lucky person to have a family like I do. ♡♡♡
Now it's movie time@ bed@andreas@love@goodnight
Talk tomorrow 
love Jen 

Xmas feeling, horses and it's friday again

Good afternoon! 
Friday is here. It's getting colder outside, you can feel the winter is comming.
 Yesterday I had a day off, was nice,I started it with horsebackriding in the forest with dear Lisa. Felt like it was ages since we met. So it was great to catch up.
Last night I went for another meeting with tupperware, fun fun to be with the girls again . 
Wednesday morning with my babe ( he took one day off ) and we hade breaky infront of the TV. love those mornings..
Xmas feeling in our apartment now...
Just got back home from a run and soon I am leaving home for work, 
Have a great Friday 
Love Jen 

24th of November

Good evening fellas, 
So new week again. And one month til Xmas. Time flies, right? 
Finished work a bit earlier than expected so took care of my laundry and now having a cup of tea and some sweets. The weekend was good but busy with lots of things. Me and my love went to IKEA and A6 in jonkoping on Saturday. Was cosy to walk around and do some shopping.  Found a few Xmas gifts aswell. 
Saturday evening we had a few friends over for dinner and drinks.  I made a quick dinner with pork filet , redwine sauce, coleslaw and rosted veggies. 
Sunday morning I went for a longer run, felt great.. then I did a big brunch for me and my darling . Yum! 
After food I did some cleaning and then in the afternoon I went to a lady , Anne , to have another tupperware party. 
In the evening my love and I were invited for dinner at my parents.  Nice to see them again. I love my family so much. Tomorrow is the birthday of my little sister.  She is turning 20! Time goes to fast sometimes.. well she is the best ever. ♡ 
Now it's soon time for bed I think. Another long day at work tmr. 
Talk soon , love Jen
Found this photo on the Internet.  So cute! :)