Girlfriends, dinner and a glas of white wine

Good evening my dear ones! 
How are you ? I am doing great! Sipping on white wine, one of my favorite grapes, Gewurtztraminer. 
It's already Friday ! 
On Monday I start to work at my other job.... 

Tomorrow it's time for party. One of Andreas friends is turning 30 and it's time to celebrate him! 
Tonight I will just take it easy, relax on the sofa with my darling. I am cooking fish for tonight, yum! 
Yesterday I made tacos for dinner. In some way it is always so yum. 
Wednesday evening I meet my two funny and lovely friends Ewe and Carro. We had dinner at "Tiraholms fish" restaurant. Love that food. And it was so good to catch up with my girlies! We have to to it soon again..
Carolin and I. She is such a beautiful mum! 
I wish you all a wonderful Friday evening! 
Lots of love Jen 


Enjoy the small things in life..

Enjoy the small things in life.. 
..Because one day you will realize they were the big things. 
Be happy. 
Be glad. 
Be thankful. 
Now I am sitting drinking coffee with almondmilk. So yum! Just got back from the forest after been picking more blueberries. 
Last evening my man and I had a cosy night in. We had a very nice demi sec from France and ate yummie food and dessert, just enjoyed the moment.. 
This morning I had a friend over for a cup of tea and breakfast. Always nice to catch up with old friends! 
Tonight I am going for dinner at my favorite fish restaurant with 2 very lovely ladies. Haven't met them in ages so will be sooo good to catch up again! 
Talk soon! 
Lots of love, 

Healty and whole

Hello there! 
Hope you all doing fine! 
Here I am, sitting drinking celsius, getting ready for another run. The weather is still crap. I can't believe how much rain it's been this summer in Sweden. Well well I have worked a lot of days anyway so it doesn't really matter. It will be great thou to get away to Skiathos, Greece in August with a bunch of lovely girls. I can't wait for sun and fun.
What are you guys doing today ?
I am off work today, which feels great after 4 busy days at work.
I just done some cleaning and after my run I will go out to pick more blueberries. The forest is full of those delicious and healty berries. The feeling of being in the forest is so relaxing. The silence, the air.. it's just great. 
This July I have done lots and lots of running. I feel so good and yeah,fit. I finally see I got some muscles going on. I feel so blessed being healty and whole. Thank you life. 
The other day I made french toast for breakfast. Can I tell you it was as yummie as it looks.
Tonight I am not sure what will happen. I might invite the boys for dinner. 
I wish you all a great day! 
Lots of love