Powerwalk with a new friend

Hello Tuesday! 
We have had a great day so far witha good night's sleep, baby rhythmic and lunch with other mums and babies. And this afternoon we have been out powerwalking with a new friend and her baby, they live in the apartments next to ours. I have never seen or met her before and she had a baby one month after Lily. So now we are both home staying mums. Small world we live in!
Hopefully it will be more walks in the future.! 
Now I am drinking tea and Lily is playing in her baby gym. Tonight it is time for power pump at the gym again! Looking forward to it and it's nice to have my energy back today again. I was so tired yesterday! 
Well enjoy the rest of your days beauties 💕

Last weekend and a tired mum today

Hello Monday! 
How you doing? Me and Lily are fine, but I am a bit tired today. Well hopefully it's just today. 
The weekend has been just fine. A very cosy one with friends and family. 
Friday evening was spent at my parents with homemade pizza. So yum! 
Veggie ones for me of course.. 
A small glas of rosé wine for me. brings me back to summer! 
Saturday my love and I started the day with breaky together and then I went for a run! 
After my run we had a late lunch and in the afternoon we were invited to our friend Henke for some coffee and game playing. It was so good to hang out with our friends and Lily was such a good girl, as always so we stayed all evening too with dinner and more coffee. A very good day!
My sleepyhead 
My little pumpkin! 
 Sunday I made healtly apple,raisins and carrot scones for breakfast. 
We started the day slow and calm as Sundays always should be. After breakfast I fixed some things at home and then my mother in law invited us for lunch. 
After lunch at her my love and I went for a walk. It was cold and grey outside so it was extra nice to get inside after the walk. We had a cosy afternoon on the sofa with coffee and sweets. 
In the evening we made veggie-burger with roasted sweetpotato, carrots and cauliflower. I also made a red cabbage coleslaw. DELISH! 
My little strong girl today ! 
Today we haven't done to much. I went for a walk after breakfast and then me and Lily have spent most of the day on the sofa. 
Now my love just got back home from work and we will head out for a powerwalk. Hoefully I will get some energy after that. 
Talk soon xxx

Cuddles and breastfeeding

 Hello FRiday! 
Hope you are having an fantastic day! We have had a good day with powerwalk, laundry, food and babymassage. 
Tonight we are invited to my parents for pizza ! 
Last night cuddles with my favorite. 
Today's outfit.. 
Breastfeeding-what an amazing thing. I am so impressed by our bodies.. 
And more cuddles today. Our little princess.
Have lovely evening