Good morning Sunday!  
So we have finally moved. Right now I am laying next to a snoring boyfriend and about to get up and make breakfast. I have already started my day with a longer run and a hot shower. It's starting to get cold outside.. 
Well today I have to start to fix here. We are living among boxes with bunch loads of crap or yeay our stuff ;) 
Since I worked yesterday and the day before I haven't got time to do more with the  new apartment. We got the keys Wednesday evening and we cleaned our old apartment yesterday ( before work) and it took a couple of hours.. luckily my dear mum and sis helped out♡ 
So now I hope we will enjoy this place , I know we will ♡
I have been a bit up and down lately . Not sure what's going on with me but I guess I will be all good ! 
Well breaky time so that I will get some energy to start of the day with!  
Talk later
With love Jen