Apples, babies and sunshine

Good evening my dear friends ♡ 
It's been a wonderful but busy day off. I have managed to do lots of things today, feels great. We are having our friends Tobias and Emma over for the weekend. I am looking forward to see them again,  it's been to long. And now when Emma is pregnant I am excited to see her stomach.. 
And talking about babies, I went to see my second cousin today, Carolin and her son Wilhelm. He is so cute this little cubby boy !  Carolin and I had coffee and talked about everything that happened since we last met...
Right now I am laying on the sofa having a cup of tea feeling a bit tired.. soon bed I think. Getting up early tomorrow again to go for a ride with the horses. 
Those pic are from Monday's horseback riding
I have been in the kitchen today making apple compote, pannacotta, redwine sauce,  homemade crispbead and cookies..and for tonight's dinner I made smoked salmon - pasta. Easy and yummie. 
Happy with this day I am now going to bed. .. 
Talk tmr! 
Sleep well 
Love Jen 

Early early morning

Good morning guys, 
I have been awake for almost one hour now.. thought I will say hello here. How are you?  I'm good just a little bit tired at the moment though. . But I am going to start my day with horseback riding with Lisa so that feels awesome.  She just moved her horses to her place so I am excited. 
My weekend have been a work weekend. It's been good. 
Yesterday afternoon after work we went to reftele to celebrate little Nicholas how already turned 2 years old. 
It was nice as always to see everyone in my big family again.  I bought clothes to Nicholas the other day as a present.  I hope he will like them :) 
I think I forgot to tell you that I and my dear boyfriend went to have massage last Thursday.  It was just so freaking nice. And my back felt so good afterwards.  
Well now I better get up. I am taking my bike to Lisa's. 
Have a awesome start of your week! 
Lots of love Jen 

Saturday again

Hello sunny Saturday ♡ 
Started my day with a delicious breakfast with my darling and then a power walk in the sun. Now off to work. I think it will be a looong evening... 
Well have a good one guys ♡ 
Lots of love Jen