Waffles, raspberries and bananapanncakes

Hii 💙
Hope you are well. I am still having this bloody cold and I am still coughing. But it's a little bit better than yesterday and the day before.
Yesterday's breaky.
Now we are on our way to the summerhouse of my parents in law after having some coffee and cake at my parents. My dad is having his birthday tomorrow so we celebrated him a little today💕 my dad-he is my hero. 
Yesterday afternoon we took my parents to a wafflecafé. (We wanted to give them something-they are always so kind to us and take us everywhere) So a little thanks for everything they do for us💕
I had this waffle with nuts and sirup-yum!
After eating waffles we drove by my brother's house. He is renovating an old house and is soon to move in with his fiancé. It will be a beautiful house. 
After a look in the house we drove back to my parents to drop them off. Mum and I went out to pick some more berries. My freezer is full now, lucky us! I don't know last time I picked so many raspberries! 
After berry-picking we stayed for dinner at my parents (again-I know but it's not so much fun being stuck in an apartment summertime.) 
Today I woke up early but got back to sleep again and slept until 10 am! I got up and made vegan banana pancakes for brunch. So yum! This time I made them with quinoa flour, oats and graham flour, oatmilk and cardamom. Very yum and healthy. 
Well have a lovely Sunday evening! We are going out for dinner today. Will see were we end up eating. 
Take care! 
Love Jenny