Red lips and nails

Hello fellas! 
Sitting here in front of Andreas computer, just had my afternoon tea waiting for him to come home. 
Today have been another active day with running and training, was out 17 km earlier today. Feels greeeat! 
Now I have also tidied up here home and done some washing. 
Pumping with house music and painting my nails right now. I go for red tonight. Red nails and lips. 
As soon as Andreas is back home we are heading to his friend in Jönköping for party. Yey!! 
La vida loooca :) 
Have a great evening ! 

Love Jen 

C'est toi et moi

HAppiness <3  Tu es ma vie
Hello babes! 
Look what I bought today at Åhlens here in Värnamo, happy Jenny now. 
Outside the sun is shining and it's so wonderful. Thank god for our sun. 
I am soon heading to work again. Yesterday went well, was fun to be back after the weekend. 
Tomorrow and Thursday I am off again thou! yeey. 
Cross my fingers for more sun ;) 
Have a great day beauties ! 
Love Jen 

New week ahead

Hello new amazing week, 
How are you? Hope your weekend been just good! 
I am feeling greeeat, loaded with love, sun, energi and happiness. 
My weekend was beautiful. I got lucky to have another weekend off with my babe. And the weather was with us this time too ! 
Friday evening we went to Ås, to see my brother play succer. He is a very good player. Unfortunatly they didn't win, but didn't loose either, it ended 1-1. 
After the game we were supposed to drive back home, but stoped at my uncle Kent and his girl Ida. My cousins Emil and Annie were crazy as always. It was great to see them all as always. Kent thought we needed a beer and a whisky so we said why not.. We stayed for a chat and after 2 hours we had to leave.. We borrowed their bikes and rode them home to my parents. Joakim and his Sofia were already there. Jocke made rom and coke drinks for me and Andreas and after and hour we went to a "pub-party" here in Ås. It was fun and I met many old friends.  
Saturday morning we woke up in Ås. Was a beautiful day, and we decided to go to Andreas parents summerhouse in Halmstad. We got there around 3 pm and I decided to go for a run, but it was hot! Around 25 degress! In April! That's amazing. When I got back I sunbathed for a while and later on in the evening we had friends over for bbq! Was so cosy and great. Aperol and snacks in the sun before dinner was just so much summer. 
Sunday was relaxing, very relaxing. We didn't do to much. Breakfast in the sun.. sunbathing all day and around lunch Andreas parents came and we had lunch and coffee together. 
My darling and I went for a small walk in the lovely summer town Halmstad before we packed our things and drove back to Småland. My mum called on the way home and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner. So we stopped by. My grandma was also there and it was nice to see her. 
When we were back in Värnamo around 10 pm I was tired.. but happy. So happy and grateful. I have such a great life. 
At the party in Ås. Love you dear ! 
LOve you crazy brother :) 
Pre drinks in Halmstad ! 
Home at my parents 
I really have to get my ass to work now! 
Have a great start of the week. Love Jen