Happy Halloween

Good evening dear ones and happy Halloween! 
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend! 
This Saturday have been a pretty slow one. Was a good party yesterday! 
I had so much fun, love when people dresses up for Halloween. I was a police woman, maybe not so scary, but anyway it was fun! 
Yesterday we had a day off. I did some cleaning and fixing at home, but didn't do to much, since I had a sore thoat ( it's much better now thou, had a few whiskies yesterday ;) ). Before we went to the Halloween party, our friends Marcus and Dea came over for dinner and pre drinks. 
I made pulled beef and homemade pita-bread. SO YUM! 
With ma Scottish man! 
My crazy siblings..
The gang!! 
Thanks for a good party! 
Tonight we are going out for dinner with my family at a Steakhouse Restaurant. Will be yum! 
Have a great evening! 
With Love Jen 


Good evening💖 
Hope you all had a great start of this week! I just got back home from a meeting with my tupperware girls. Always get positive energy from all of them! Thanks ladies🙏
So my weekend was very good and relaxing. Saturday evening was fun with bowling, beers and dinner out with a bunch of amazing friends.  So happy to have them!  
Yesterday was a day with sleep in, brunch, afternoon nap, movietime, coffee&treats and yummie dinner in with my love. 
So thankful for life! 
 Pictures from Saturday. The burger and this beer was to die for 😋
Sleep well dear ones 
Love xxx 

Familytime and Autumn day

Hello Saturday! 
How are you all? I am great, just got back from a little walk with my fiancé and his sisters kids. 
Started this day with a regular run. Felt so got to run today. Then me and my love had our cosy Saturday breakfast infront of the Tv. Love those mornings. 
After breakfast Andreas sisters child Elin and I went to my friends horses. How cute aren't they?? 
 And here comes a few pics from yesterday's dinner. How I love my family. So good to have them here. I feel so blessed to have a family like I do, love them all to the moon and back. 
 For starter; homemade waffles with smoked salmon, dill, creme fraiche, esparagus etc. 
And a pomegranate and rum coctail...
Then for maincourse I made minute biff, redwine sauce ( which I cooked for many many hours.. ), homemade garlic&herbbutter and fried sweetpotatoes, carrots and parsnips. MMM.. 
 I made a tapas dessert with death by chocolate, white chocolate pannacotta, chocolate&licorice almonds, mangos in rum, meringue and a raspberryshot. Heaven on a plate for chocolate lovers.
We also had this chocolate beer with the dessert. Very yum. 
 Thanks life! 
Now it's time for a hot and long shower and then a nap. Later on this avo it's time for bowling and dinner out with friends. Looking forward to this! 
Have a good one! 
Love Jen