Good morning from Down under!  
Last day of this year today.  Wow 2015 has really been an amazing year. Lots of travels, familytime, spent time with friends, been doing my running, engagement, turned 25,
eaten lots of great food, met awesome people,  had lots of laughts and love etc etc. Thank you 2015 ❤🎉 and thanks to all the people in my live that have made my year.  So blessed ❤
 Now time for a morning run in Melbourne☺Best way to start the last day of the year.
Catch ya later 
hugs Jen

Back in Melbs

hi dear ones! 
Here we are. We made it! It feels so great to be back in this amazing city. My Melbourne❤
So the trip was looong but went good. When we came here yesterday it was such a beautiful summer day. Today is aswell. 
My dear friend Vans picked us up at the airport yesterday morning.  He is one of the most amazing people I know. A legend. So thankful he letting us stay with him. 
When we came to his apartment we had a few beers at the balcony, wow this view from here. Then we had a late lunch at my old workplace. We just kept on drinking beers until late evening to keep awake and to keep the jetlag away.Hehe.. today I am so hangover and tired, it's better now thou. But I am just so happy being back at my second home, melbs, so I don't care if I am tired. And yesterday I met so many of my mates here, and it was just so great to see them all again!! 
I went for a walk this morning and bought some breakfast.  Oh how I have missed this place and everything around it. 
Tomorrow it New Years Eve. Can't believe this year is ending. It's been such an amazing year and it could'nt end any better. And 2016 can't start in a better way either.
Talk soon, 
Hugs Jen

Hello winterland

Hii my dear ones! 
When I woke up today it was snow outside! So cosy.. 
But soon I will be in the sun! We are on our way to the airport now. My dear mum and sister are driving us❤
It will be a long trip but it will be worth it!! 
Last night we had a cosy evening in. We packed everything and got ready for the trip. So I think we got all stuff with us now. 
Well I will keep you guys updated! 
 Veggie Burges from last night. Yummie yummie. 
 hello winterland
With love