Smile and wake up, it's a new day

God morning friday!
So I started my day with a short run in the cold and now brekkie. So yum with smoothie, kiwi, English breakfast tea and sandwishes with cheese, letture and vegemite! ( makes me think of Aussie, where I first tried it and also bought it)
So for me it's work all day. Will be very busy today.. but it should be ok. I still feel I don't have my full speed energi.. but it must be from the cold.. 
Hope your day is more relaxed than mine!
Last evening at work was good and fun! I was holding a whisky tasting and also beer tasting. I really enjoy my work evenings like that, because people are often very interested and think you are very good at what you are doing. Tumbs up :)
So one week until Italy today. Si la bella vita italiana :)
I feel so happy everytime I look at this photo of Andreas. He is shining and look happy with his lovely smile and eyes. Cutie!
Have a great Friday lovely people!

Snow more snow

Boungiorno ,
Thursday morning and outside it snowing again.. and so cold... the wind is strong.. not really looking forward to go out for a run.. but I should and I will.
So sorry I haven't really been updating my blog so much lately. Anyway I am good. In fact very good. Have had a bit of a cold but feel better now. Thank god.
The weekend was very good and cosy. ( omg it's friday tomorrow again. What happend ? ) ;)
Friday evening myself and Andreas took the train to Gothenburg and stayed at Clariton post hotel, a very nice hotel close to the train station. We had dinner ( sooo yummie, catch of the day, lobster soup and ceasar salad plus a delicious bottle of wine)  at the hotel and since the hotel celebrated 2 years we met up with Andreas friends and also Matilda in the hotel bar! Heaps of people ... drinks, talk and just enjoying our companies. Tumbs up.
We went to bed not to late that evening and got up not to late on saturday morning so that we could enjoy the BIG and yummie hotel breakfast. it was so much to choose from, nam nam!  It was so cosy to stay at a hotel and get spoilt with my dear Andreas.
We checked out from the hotel around lunch and then we went shopping a little bit. We also had a beer and cider at the dubliner, a irish pub in the city of Gothenburg. Typical british style. The owner and the worker´s only spoke English. Found that pretty cool.
Before we took the train back to Värnamo, we met up with Matilda , Jacob, Ida and the other friend of Andreas that I totally forgot the name of... We had a coffe at a cosy café. Oh I have missed a good cappucino and I finally got one. Heaven.
To meet Matilda was gold. She always make me happy. I miss her already. She is such a strong and lovely lady. Love you.
On the train back home we had a nap. I worked in the evening and had to hurry to get in time. But it was a calm evening with not to many people. My brother and his friends where there. Good to see them all.
Sunday morning I went out for a longer run with mummie, since I slept home for once. Started work at 10.30, finished 16.30 so it was a perfect day. Directly after work I went to Andreas sister Jenny, she lives in Bredaryd. She just got her 3td baby , Signe, and I got to see her, what a little beauty! Can't believe everyone been like that once. Ah so cute! Met his whole family and had coffee and cake. Good time. I was a bit tired though.
Back at Andreas place we finished watching the movie - The Hobit. I really like that kind of movie.
I felt asleep early that evening since I felt a bit sick. Luckly I had my prince next to me..
Monday I worked all day. Was a bit slow to be honest. but some days are like that right. Tuesday I went out horsebackriding with my dear friend Lisa. So much fun in the snow!! I worked the evening and then back to Andreas.
Yesterday I was out running with Jackie in the snow. Then I did some cleaning and other stuff that I needed to do. In the evening I cooked a clam and shrimp soup with white wine and other nice ingredients. Was not to bad.. With this cold weather it's perfect with soup..
Finished the day with tea, movie, hugs and bed.
Shit I feel like I am writing a novel with this post. Well.
Hello winter.. and snow.
With my new black jumper from H&M. Keep it simple.
Boun apetito
Good song!
Alright beauties, have a good day in the cold and try to keep warm with lots of hugs!
Love Jen