Have had the best weekend in Gothenburg with ma bestie. Summerburst was AWESOME! 👍👌
Now I am supertired. It's been a few intensive days!  Just finished off dinner with family.  Celebrating mothers day. Love you forever mum💕
More pics tomorrow ❤
Love Jen  

Dear mother

On Sunday it's mothers day here in Sweden. I just wanted my mum to know how much I appreciate her by writing a few word for her. 
She means the world to me. She bought me to this life on this beautiful planet. She has always been their for me. She has always supported me. She has always helped me though tuff times in life. She has seen me grown from a little girl to a woman. She has always been my idol. I have always known she will be there for me. She has always told me.." in the end of the day, everything will be alright". She has shared so many memories with me. We have been though so much together, mostly fun things but also sad things. She has treated me and my siblings fair. She has always had time for us.
She has loved me. Though everything. And mum I have loved you so much too and will always love you. 
I am writing this with tears in my eyes. THANK YOU MUM! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER! 


Migraine, Smoothie and Lily of the valley

Hi my beauties! 
How are you doing? 
My week have been alright, I wouldn't say the best one thou. Yesterday I had a shitday.Everyone do have those days. But in the evening our friends Dea and henke came over and in the end of the day, it was a good day. Friends really do make you feel better. 
I have been home from work today. Woke up with migraine and a bit of fever. So I thought I better stay in bed. So nice with a bit of sleep. But I feel better now. When I woke up I watched the last episode of " Touch". A series I really could recommend. It's very thirilling! 
Now I am waiting for my fiancé to come home. I just had a shower and made myself a yummie smoothie. 
Thunder and rain just stopped. Wow it was full on outside before! 
When I was home at my parents the other day I picked some of my favorite flowers, Lily of the valley. How beautiful aren't they? 
Tomorrow I hope my headache is gone, because I am going to Gothenburg again to see my lovely cousin Matilda. We are going to Summerburst! Will be so much fun!! :) 
Have a good evening! 
Lots of love Jen