Good evening dear ones , 
Hope you all had a good start of this week?  
My day has been fine.  Started it with work, went home at 4 pm,  walked to the forest to pick blueberries ( there's still some left), did some exercise ( intervals) on the running track here in Bredaryd,  got back home to have a shower and cook dinner for me and my darling.  
I made a delicious veggie meal.  Pasta with beetroots, feta cheese, oregano, hazelnuts, capers etc. Will do this again😊 👍 I love cooking, mixing combinations and trying new flavors. 😋
Now time for Tv and bed. 
Bouna notte❤
Talk soon, love Jen


Was another beautiful autumn day. I just had to stop for a second ,when I was out running in the forest, to take a few photos. 
The nature truely is stunning. 

Beautiful autumn day

Hello Saturday ❤
Hope you all having a good day! It's such a beautiful day today. Sunshine and fresh autumn breeze. I was out for a run in the morning. Was great and refreshing.  
My man and I made brunch together today. Scones, eggs and bacon. I love those mornings.  We chilled out on the sofa and then we went gossery shopping in Värnamo. We also went to Lindex and I bought a new sweater in a nice yellowish -autumn colour. I am wearing it right now. In an hour we are leaving for dinner at my parents in law. My parents and siblings are coming too. Will be a cosy evening. ❤
Last evening we celebrated Henke how is having is bday today. Was a fun evening with the boys and Anna!  
Well now I am going to finish my beer ! 
Have a great evening! 
Love Jen