Our daughter is here!

 She is here! our beloved daughter Lily! 
We are beyond happy and it feels unreal. I am in love. 
On the 29th of October 14.06 pm she was born. 
we are all tired but good. She's a healthy little girl. She got her fathers eyes and hair and my mouth and nose. 
Labour was so painful but so worth it. Our bodies are amazing ! all respect to every mother in this world. 
Now time for more baby cuddles. More updates will be on my blog later on this week. 
Thank you all for the wishes! 
Lots of love 

Tuesday the 25th of October

Hello Tuesday! 
How are you? I am doing fine. And baby too, still happy inside belly. Today I have been to the midwife again. 
 I listened to babys heart with this machine and it also measured my contractions. You could see on the scream I had a few but they weren't painful. So we are still waiting with excitment for babyboo to come. 
Cross my fingers baby wanna come this week... 
Yesterday I went home to my sister and we went out for a little walk with this sweetpea Jackie. The autum is so beautiful. Love those colours! 
Today is the "international pasta day". Yesterday I made spagetti with vego-bolognese. So yummie! Today I had the leftovers for lunch. 
Now I will jump into the shower after been out for a little walk with my love. 
Wishing you all a wonderful evening! 

Weekend pics

Hello Sunday.. 
baby is still happy in my belly and comes when it's ready. Many of my friends and family have texted me this weekend and asked where baby is.. well.. I promise I will let the world now when our little family member is here. 
Weekend has been good. Friday evening we were at our friend Dea. It's not easy to dress up for birthday party when I look like a big ball ;) I bought this skirt the other day from Nelly.com. So comfy! The party was fun and it was good to catch up with our friends again. 
Us <3
 Dinner at Dea´s. Lots of pies and sallad! Very yum.. 
Saturday love and I had a slow morning as usual. ( During the night I had lots contractions and thought maybe baby wanna come today...but no after a few hours they stopped. ) 
I did some kettle ball exercise with squats after breakfast just to do some other exercise than walking.. I am getting a bit bored not to be able to exercise as much as I used too.. I know patience.. 
Saturday afternoon my mum, sister and sister in law went to a Christmas Market in the area. ( I know it's early, but it was cosy.) I bought a mustard and crispbread. 
When I got back home I walked to my parents in law since Andreas was there. We had some tea and applecake. 
In the evening we just took it easy at home and had a cosy night in with movie and yummie food. ( potatoes and carrots baked in the oven with grilled oumph and mustardsauce. ) 
Today we have been out for a walk. Except for that not much at all. I feel so tired today. And have a bit of back pain.. 
Haven't decided yet what to make for dinner today.. or maybe we should order some take away or maybe go out for dinner ? 
Well, anyway have a lovely evening! 
Hugs from me & belly!