Finally Friday

Hello Friday evening, 
I am so happy it's Friday and weekend.. it's been a full on week. I am drinking a glas of white wine ( I bought this one in Hungary) and just relaxing after running, laundry and cleaning.. Soon about to start making sushi!  I am so hungry😊 
Hope you all will have a wonderful start of your weekend!!! 
It's been such a lovely afternoon today. 
Heaps of love 


Hello my darlings, 
Sorry I have been bad with updates here. It's been a few heavy days... 
There is so much I wanna write here. I feel so sad and angry with many things. But I don't have the energy right now. But just gonna keep my head up and don't take shit from others. I am stronger and so much better. 
Well how are you ? Hope you are having some nice plans for the weekend! 
I will have a calm weekend so that I can reload. 
Soon time for TRX-class. It will be so great to just pump my body,build muscles and free my mind. Well needed after today. 
I ordered a packet from Vegusto the other day and we got it today. I am so excited to try it out. Everything on their website is vegan, yey! We bought a big packet with vegan "cheese" and vegan "meat" products. - check it out 
 Talk soon 
love Jen