Morningcoffe and a round belly

Hello there everyone! 
Hope you are having a good day. I am doing fine. Just did some breathing and yoga exercises and right now I am drinking chaitea and eating a cinnamon cake that I just baked. So I feel relaxed in all my body. 
My day started early. I slept bad and woke up many times last night. Well that's how it's when you have a big belly. I made myself a oatmilk-latte and breakfast and watched the news. 
Later on I tidied up the apartment and took care of everything I bought yesterday when I, my mum,sister and cousin were in Ge-kås ( a big shoppingcenter just 50 minutes from where we live). I bought some new trainingclothes, a new nightdress ( on the pictures below), some nursing bras, hygienestuff, a yoga mat and a few things for the kitchen and the apartment.
After been tiding up a bit I went for a 6 km walk. It's been rain outside for two days now. I don't mind actually. It's pretty cosy. 
Back from the walk I made myself lunch. Wok for me today again. I made a wok the other day aswell and it was so yum. 
Wok with noodles, veggies, qourn and a homemade sataysauce. 
When I sit down nowadays it looks like I have swallowed a fotball.  
Soon my darling will be home from work and later on we are going to have a look at another house that we might be interested in. Let's hope and cross our fingers we find our own house & home soon. 
Hope you all will have a wonderful evening! 
Lots of love 

Yellow leaves

Hello dear ones,
Tuesday today. Hope your day has been fantastic! 
I woke up after a good night sleep ( even if little booboo in mummys belly is moving alot when I go to sleep every night) 
I had a slow morning with breakfast. I talked with a few friends and also my auntie Lotte. On Saturday we are having a big party for my mum and my uncle ( how also is turning 50 now in October) and my aunt has made alot of funny and sweet things for my mum. I am looking forward to the party- will be so many people and lots of fun! 
After lunch today I went for a walk. I am happy I can still do some exercise. Looking forward to be able to run again. But I am happy I can at least go for powerwalks and do a few workouts at home. I have actually a bit of pain in my arms from doing a few push-ups yesterday ;). 
After my walk outside in our beautiful nature I went grossery shopping. I bought nappies today for the baby. They are so tiny! Little booboo in there- soon you will be out with us! 
Today's shape.
And some pics from todays walk. Lovely autumn! 
Tonight I am going to cook veggie wok with quorn, lots of veggies, noodles and satay sauce. Hope it will be tasty! 
Let me know how your day was! 
Hugs Jen 

Another autumn day

Hello friends, 
how are you? 
I am doing fine, waiting for my friend Lisa and her daughter Anna to come over for lunch. I started my day with a little morning walk. I can't get enought of those beautiful autumn days!
And then, the rest of this morning, I have been watching televison while eating lots of breaky.
Our weekend was very relaxed. I guess both me and Andreas need that before the baby comes. We will have so much to think about when our new family member is here. Can't believe he/she will be here soon. On Saturday it will be October and October means the month our baby will be born. Yeay, bring it on! 
What are your plans for today? 
Have a great day!