Baby food

Hello again! 
The other day me and Andreas bought this product. A fill and squeeze for Lilys baby food.  I love this one! So easy to use and you can mix the food straight in the container. So good! And so easy to wash and clean. Thumbs up! Tip for you with babies! 
Today I made a mash out of sweetpotato, potato, carrot and corn for Lily. When she wakes up she will have a try. She has been sleeping for almost 3 hours now! Must have been a tuff weekend for her! 
I also did a rhubarb and ginger jam today. Hope it will be delicious! 

A sunny day at the lake

Hello there! 
Hope you are well! I am doing fine and so is Lily. Soon we are heading out for a run! Then I need to do some housework and then we will see what the day gives us. I just talked with my friend Gabby. She is so lovely, my dear friend, we really need to book a trip to visit her on Malta! 
So, the weekend has been great with a bit of everything and lots of sun! 
Saturday we spent most of the day by the lake where my parents live. I love those days, summerfeeling deluxe. 
After 2 hours at work in the morning my love and I packed our bags with food and snacks and Lilys things to spend the day outside. 
My little sunshine! 
And my big love ! haha.
Coffee and rhubarbpie by the lake, life!! 
My and my girl! 
She is not always happy.. ;) 
Beer time! 
Lilacs! The smell of them those days are incredible! 
Well time to head out! Wish you all a wonderful day! 
Hugs Jen

Mother's day!

Happy mother's day to all mums out there! We are awesome and have the most important job in this world. 
My mum is my hero, my safety, my best friend. My everything. She gave me my life and I am so thankful for that. I love you!!❤
I am also very thankful and proud to be mother to Lily. It's the best and also the most challenging job I have. I love you my darling ❤
Flowers from my beautiful fiancé today🌷 I love you !! 
Time to sleep now ! Bouna notte world ❤