Vegan banana pancakes

Started our day with vegan banana pancakes, one of my favorite breakfast! 
You need (for about 8 pancakes) : 
1-2 banana(s)
2 cups oats
2 cups flour
1 tsp algavesirup or brown sugar
3 cups oat/soya/almond milk 
2 tsp bakingpowder
(cinnamon if you want)
Mash the banana(s). Mix the oats in a blender. Then mix all ingredients and  leave for about 10 minutes. Fry them in a crepes pan or regular pan. I served mine with bananas, raspberries, mandarines and nutella. Yum! Bounapetit. 
Have a lovely day! 


Hi Thursday.. I am still home in bed not feeling 100 % good, but better than yesterday so hopefully I will go back to work and exercise tomorrow. 
While I have been laying in bed, I watched this movie- the earthlings- and it just made me cry and cry. I can't believe how, we humans, can ignore this? Why do we ignore the truth? I can't understand how we can be so selfish. If you can't watch this- then you should maybe think of what you actually buy and support everytime you buy meat,eggs, dairy, go to circuses, wear fur, wear leather etc etc. If you can't stand the truth- don't support it and do something about it. It took me many years to understand but I feel so relieved and proud now. People can call me whatever they want- I don't care. I stand up for us as earthlings- we all have the right to live. 
Sorry about the bad quality of the movie. 
Love Jen 


Please take 15 minutes to listen to this man- Gary Yourofsky. I wish there was more people like him in this world. He inspires me to be a vegan- hope he inspires you too.