Today we are tired.. 
Since we slept bad tonight. But in some kind of way, when you are a mum you survive on just a few hours of sleep. 
I never thought I could sleep very close to my baby or having my baby on my chest while sleeping but obviously I can. I have always been moving alot while sleeping but since Lily came it's like my body&brain have turned into another zone. Mother nature is amazing. 

Yesterday was the 29th of November that means little Lily is more than a month old now.. 
I just had breaky and Lily is sleeping on me. I am watching vampire diares and drinking my second cup of coffee. Though I will go for a powerwalk later on, maybe my sister wanna join me. I also need to start buying Christmas presents.. I love Christmas but it's to much stress with buying presents to everyone. 
Anyway guess it will be fun..
.. can't believe it's Christmas in less than a month. This one will be extra special since Lily is here with us. 
Have a wonderful day ! 

7 things I didn't know about being a mum


1. I'm kind of bad ass


2. I can carry ALL the things


3. I care far less about other people's opinions than I thought


4. I'm far less independent than I once believed


5. I can function on less sleep than I thought humanly possible


6. I'm a professional at extending the time between showers


7. I can be annoyed at my child ( if she is screaming and I can't comfort her) all day and then miss her immediately once they're asleep









Good morning! 
How are you? I am feeling fine, even if we had a ruff night with a sad Lily. But Andreas took her for a ride in the car. And she felt asleep and slept for 5 hours! She must have been tired. So even I got to sleep for 5 hours in a row. So luxury. And then I felt asleep 2 more hours after breastfeeding this morning, so I feel great. 
I just Skyped with my friend Gabby. Miss her alot. Hopefully she is coming for a visit in the end of this year. 
What are you guys doing today?
My friend Lisa and her daughter is coming to visit me and Lilys soon. will be good to see them again ! 
My little one ❤
Have a wonderful day !