Hello there Friday ❤
So it's weekend again. Feels great even though I am working at the old people's home tomorrow. 
I am exhausted after been cleaning ever inch of our apartment. And it's been a long week. So it feels great to relax on the sofa now. Both me and the belly needed some rest. 
Soon we are heading to watch my little brother play soccer. He is a very good player so it will be fun!  
For dinner tonight we are going to make veggie burgers. Yum😋 
Hope you all will have a great weekend!
lots of love from me and the little one ❤


Hi dear ones
Hope you had a great Wednesday! 
Mine has been good. About to make dinner before going to the last tabata-class for this year. 
Today at work I thought of a few things. How important it is to show love, to smile and to be yourself and stand up for yourself. Unfortunately we show so much hat and disrespect in this world. 
I always try to tell myself everytime I complain or talk bad about something or someone to be more open and ask myself- why do I think or say this? Does it make me a better person- probably not. 
So please try to tell yourself everyday to be happy about something- it is always someone having it worse than you. 
Many times I think of what kind of mum I will be. And I wonder what our baby will be like. Will it look like me? 
It's so magical that a little creature is growing in my belly. I feel so blessed. I really hope I will be a good mother. But I already feel so strong for the little one- it's crazy. I will show our baby the world and give it all the love I can.
Photo from when we were in Germany 2,5 half years ago.. 
Well mother Jenny is now about to cook dinner ,
talk soon
lot of love

Workouts and trust

 Good evening Tuesday. 
It's been a good day. Just one thing have made me sad. You can't trust some people. Sadly it will always be that way. 
Well well. Me and my little belly have been to the gym both today and yesterday. I love my workouts! And I am going to exercise as much as I can while I am pregnant. It's my body and I do what's best for me. Unfortunately not everyone thinks it's okay to workout during your pregnancy. Of course you should listen to your body- and you will need a strong one for caring a baby for 9 months. I do what's best for me. So do what's best for you. 
For dinner tonight I made a bulgur-salad with broccoli, white beans and sundries tomatoes. So yum 😊
What did you guys have for dinner? 
Hope you all continue to have a good evening 
Love Jen