Hello Saturday!  
Started my day with breakfast with my love♡ 
Now I am laying on the sofa watching masterchef USA. 
I will head out for a run and tonight I am going to meet a few girls for a glas of wine and food. Will be fun.
Yesterday I had a good day.  I worked at the old people's home. I had a lovely run in the afternoon, the sun was out! I ran home to my parent's place and rode my bike home. When I got back gome I had a cosy night in with myself. Andreas was working late so I watched TV, had a beer and ate candy. 
Hope you all will have a wonderful day! 
Love Jen 

Afternoon walk

Hello mates! 
I just got back in after spending my afternoon outside in the sun and fresh air.  I took my bike out for a ride home to my parents place. So nice with the sun in my face! 
Then I went out for a walk with my sweetheart jackie. 
I feel it in my legs now ! 
My brother and I had a coffee after. It always nice to have a chat with him ♡
Now time for a shower 
Love Jen ♡