Negative energy

Hello there, 
My Tuesday haven't been the best. You know when you have those day being surrounded by negative energy ( and people). Unfortunately. 
I felt better and filled with more postive energy after a sweaty workout at the gym and also after talking to my mum. She always cheers me up. 
Now it's dinner time, just made panfried tofu with springrolls and fried veggies. Yum :) 
Heard this new song with One Rebublic this afternoon. Love it! 
Talk soon, love from Jen 

New week already

Hello people! 
So it's Monday again and the sun is shining outside. 
Hope you all are doing fine, I am feeling fantastic, so I just bought myself 2 pair of new shoes. I really needed some new summer shoes. They will be perfect for next week when we are heading to Greece! Yepp, on Tuesday morning, mum, my sister and Sofia are flying to Zakyntos. Will be heaps of fun! 
Soon I am heading for a gym sess- this time outdoor with a bunch of girls. Will be fun fun! 
Yesterday's dinner with my love.
Enjoy the small things in life...  
Take care of yourself and remember that life is precious. 
Hugs Jen 


 Hello Sunday ❤ 
Weekend had been wonderful so far. 
Today I started the day with a run and some workout at the gym.
For lunch we were invited to my beautiful grandma to celebrate all mothers. I bought a flower and some chocolate to my gorgeous mum. Grandma had made so yummie food and dessert. She's the best❤
Tonight me and my man are have a chilled out one with some tapas. 
After lunch and coffee at my grandmother we went home to my parents just to enjoy the nice weather. 
I wish to build our own house here one
day. Next year that might be a dream coming true✊ 
Yesterday I started the day with a run too. So fresh and beautiful outside. 
For lunch I went to my friend Petra for a tupperware meeting and lunch. So good to see my friends again. I am so happy I started with tupperware. Those friends are amazing ❤ 
Lunchtime! So yum! We all made something. Love sharing! 
In the evening my love and I went out for dinner with a bunch of guys ( the ones we play floorboard with). We went to the Restaurant I used to work before. 
It was a good evening.
Thanks life for letting me have so many amazing people in life. I feel