Would you let me see beneath your beautiful

Hello guys,
Monday again. Been at work since 10.30 today and just got back home, had some food and now I am sitting here, writing on my awesome blogg. yey!
Tomorrow I am off again and will go horseback riding with Lisa. Always fun! And good for your soul, horses are amazing animals in that way.
And my soul needs that right now.
Miss you Jani and Gabbs. La familia!!!
Passenger- what a good singer. His voice is beautiful.
Now I am soon off to bed
Take care, sweet dreams
Lots of love Jenkan

My heart was beating, so was yours

Good Sunday evening,
Hope your weekend have been good.
 Been having a day off today, sweet. But despite that I have been at work this evening, got home about 2 hours ago, because we had a meeting and talked and learned about whiskey. Was really interesting and good. Something I need to learn more about. Will try to study as much as I can and learn more. Will be a good experience.
Soo.. my day has been good, even if I still think about everything. It's hard not to. I mean I still love someone and I will probably never see him. It's painful.
I was out powerwalking with Jackie today. Been really nice weather, a bit cold but sunshine and fresh.  Love listening to music while I am out walking.. couldn't live without music. Thank good we can listen to music in this world. And bless all people that make all this, and thanks to all people that sing with their whole soul!
My beautiful parents got home this afternoon from a weekend on Ven (a island between Sweden and Denmark). Yesterday they celebrated 22 years of marriage. I am so proud of them. Love you mum and dad.
Keep your head high. It will be all good.
Sweet dreams !
Lots of love Jen