Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown power in this world

I am so thankful for everything I got in my life. And that I got this amazing life on this totally magnificent earth.
I want to just give love, and I want every day with happiness. Life is to short to be living sad and negative. So be postive. Love everything you do- if you don't like something- make a change. Because life wants you to be happy. And if you are positive- postive things will come to you. Smile everyday. Laugh everyday. Say to people around you how much they mean to you. You can't give to much of love. Talk about what you love, do what you love. If your thoughts and feelings are good, they will automatically return to you in the same way.
If you think about last time you where angry about something.. Did it help to get angry? Probably not. It only made it worse. If you instead think of something that makes you happy.. your thoughts will change direction. It's that easy and simpel. Life is meant to be simpel. Life is meant to be amazing!
If there are things you want in life- desire them with all your heart, because desire is a feeling of love and you must give love to recieve what you love.
Love, because when you love you are using the greatest power in the universe.
Fall in love with your life and every limitation will disappear. You will be become unlimited and invincible.

A cup of coffee

Hey lovely blogg and life, been having a great day off today! Started the day with horseback riding with gorgeous Matilda. Lovely as always :) And no rain! Always positive.. We talked about everything here in life. Very cosy and relaxing. We had a cup of tea when we got back home and then she was off again, she had to pick up her sister/my cousin, in Gislaved.
This afternoon I was out for a run with my sweetpea Jackie, felt great! The sun was actually shining here and there and I that put a smile on my face!
I just had a cup of coffee, tried to make a cappucino, didn't work to well.. but well well. I baked some muffins and chocolateballs ( chokladbollar! )  as well this afternoon. Love the combination coffee and chocolate. AMAZING!
When I look outside my window now it's completly dark, black. It's 5 pm. wiho. This is swedish autum, sorry I forgot it.
And tomorrow it's halloween. What to do ? work yes.. but what do you guys do for Halloween?
This weekend I am not working so will propably do something. We will see :)
I got to listen to this song yesterday.. I have almost forgot how beautiful it is. Touching.
Now I will cook some food:) Something oriental I was thinking. With rice or couscous and lots of spices. Will be great!
Until next time, take care,
Lots of love Jen