Early morning walk and "semlor"

Hello there! 
Hope you are well! We just got back home after "baby rhythmic " and lunch with the other mums in Bredaryd. 
Lily and I started the day early after a good night's sleep with a little walk in "bredaryd city" together with C&E again. Perfect start. Then breekie and coffee in front of paradise hotel 🙊
At baby rhythmic we dance and sings with the babies and afterwards we have coffee, but today also lunch and "semla". I love "semlor " so yum! A bun filled with whipped cream and almond cream. 
me and my princess ❤ 
I still have sinusitis so I am a bit careful with my exercise this week. Probably have to skip both power pump and tabata this week:( 
Well wishing you all a great "semle "-day 
Hugs Jen 

Good start of the week

Good evening 💐
Hope you are well! My week has started well. 
Now I am laying in the bed with my princess next to me.
We started the day after a good night's sleep. I still have sinusitis but it's better. Lily has been in such a good mood all day and so chatty and playful. My love! 
After breakfast today we went for a walk with our neighbours C&E.
A very rainy and boring day outside ,but good friends and coffee always makes it better. After our walk in the rain I invited the girls for a coffee. We chatted and enjoyed mum talk. Around lunch they walked home again.
After my lunch today I went into Town to see my friend Helena❤ she and her family just moved into a new flat. So good to see her again ! We had coffee and ice cream and she played with Lily of course. 
Love spending time with beautiful people. That's life ❤ 
Tonight my love and I made a nice pasta dinner and watched some new episode of the series "gåsmamman". 
Tomorrow it's time for baby rhythmic again! And update on last weekend will be up.
Sleep tight 🌸
Love Jen  

Lovely Friday

Hello beautiful friends 🌸
Hope you are well! We have had a great day so far. It's been so sunny and beautiful outside today. A touch of spring in the air. 
Started the day with breakfast with my little hubby. Then a powerwalk with C&E. Lovely! 
And after our walk I had my workmate Monika over for a coffee. So nice to see her again. We talked for a while and around lunch she went home again. 
And after lunch I drove home to Ås to have another walk with my friend Ida. I feel loaded with energy from today's walk and talk with friends.  Happy life! Even if my sinitus is still a pain in the ass. 
Today's breekie. 
Coffee at my friend Ida ❤🙏
Tonight I think we will have a cosy evening with taco ; me and my lovely family❤
Have a wonderful start of your weekend! 
Hugs Jen