Sunday funday

Heello Sunday evening! 
I had a great day so far, hope you can say the same. 
Slept in until 9 am, had a yummie breakfast with ma love. After breaky we went out for a walk in the windy, but sunny, weather. Then we went to the gym together, yeah he his back my man! 
The afternoon I have spent at my parents house with my mum, grandma and another neighbor. I did show some Tupperware and we had coffee and muffins. 
Last evening was great- how I love my family!!! We ate, played games and laughted alot. My family is crazy.
I made a veggie buffét with a bit of everything- hommus, baba ganoush, homemade bread, potato-pizza, marinated quorn, bulgur, halloumi and spinach salad etc. Very yum. 
For dessert I had chocolate, pinapple and berries. YUM! 
-don't forget to smile and appreciate what you have-
Now back to cooking dinner, 


Hi my darlings, 
how are you ? Hope you having a great Saturday! 
I started my day early. I went out for a run in the windy weather. Lucky I got home before it started to rain cats and dogs. After my shower I went to fix my eyelashes in Värnamo. I am really happy with my extensions, I hardly wear any make- up now, so nice to be "natural".
When I got back home again my love and I had a yummie brunch with homemade freshly baked bread, coffee and fresh strawberries. 
Now I am finally done with all cooking for tonight, my lovely parents and siblings are coming here, can't wait to have them over! Haven't seen them since we got back from Australia, guess we will have heaps to talk about..
Well, have a wonderful evening! 
Lots of love 

Food and beverages in Melbourne

Hello Wednesday, how are you? 
I am a bit tired today, not sure why. Well well- soon heading of to a Tabata class. Yeay! 
So more pics from Australia. While we were there we had so much delicious food and awesome beverages.
Melbourne is amazing in that way, you can find everything! Food and drinks from all over the world! Great local brewerys, so many cosy cafés, fancy restaurants, awesome pubfood, great wines, cool bars etc. I wanna move back!
All those photos makes me hungry and thirsty!! 
Talk soon, 
kiss from Jen