Sunday funday

Heello Sunday evening! 
I had a great day so far, hope you can say the same. 
Slept in until 9 am, had a yummie breakfast with ma love. After breaky we went out for a walk in the windy, but sunny, weather. Then we went to the gym together, yeah he his back my man! 
The afternoon I have spent at my parents house with my mum, grandma and another neighbor. I did show some Tupperware and we had coffee and muffins. 
Last evening was great- how I love my family!!! We ate, played games and laughted alot. My family is crazy.
I made a veggie buffét with a bit of everything- hommus, baba ganoush, homemade bread, potato-pizza, marinated quorn, bulgur, halloumi and spinach salad etc. Very yum. 
For dessert I had chocolate, pinapple and berries. YUM! 
-don't forget to smile and appreciate what you have-
Now back to cooking dinner,