Hello beautiful people,

I hope you all are well and are enjoying your last days of this year! Right now I am eating peanuts and drinking diet coke, yum.
This year have been very eventful. And it's been amazing too. I will do a short summation with pictures from 2013.
Mum and sister came to visit me in Aussie, Melbourne after 15 months. Amazing! 
We had beers...
We went to St. Kilda beach. The weather was HOT.
 We went to Great Ocean Road. 
And to the rainforest...
As well we made a trip to Sydney.
We also went to a wineyard..
Matilda took us for a ride in Melbourne City.
I had another fun evening at plan B with lovely Jani and Sarah..
I went to Victoria Market..
Had cosy days at my apartment in Mebs..
And eat amazing pizzas..
And antipastos..
Had many laughts with this man Cornell..
I went to amazing Fiji!!
Made heaps of coffes.. and became pretty good at it too..
Went to Melbourne Zoo with Francesco..
Had some Champagne..
Went out dancing with my lovely cousin..
Another dinner at home in Melbourne..
Me Matilda and Carolin was out for drinks and fun..
Matilda and I tried more coffee..
I went to Brisbane, Toowomba to meet Simon, Nicholas and Emma.
I got to see lovely Brisbane.
And this little man totally charmed me..
I got to hug him..
I went out for dinner with my workmates at 3121..

Never had a boring moment with this guy Dan the man.
Had many funny evenings with this man.
And we cooked lots of food and had farwell dinner for me at Cornells place.
And my last evening in Melbourne..
I went to Malaysia on my way back to Europe.
I met funny monkeys..
And I got to see lots of tourist stuff..
I finally arrived in Sweden and got to meet my family after almost 2 years abroad.
Emotional moment.
We celebrated Swedish Midsummer the same day I arrived in Sweden. And had typically Swedish food!
My dad was so happy to see me!
I enjoyed the Swedish summer...
Had lazy summerdays at home...
Met Jimmy after a looong time and we had party and Bbq.
Got to cuddle my sweetheart Jackie again!!
Christian and Tanja came to visit us this summer. So looovely to see them again.
Matilda came home from Aussie. I met her and Alma
We went to Crete..
We had so much fun. I love my family!
We went to Chania..

I was very tanned.. all of us were..
In September I made a trip to London with another group of ladies...
We went to the London Dungeon.. and London Eye.. Pubs..Maddame tussauds..went for shopping and so on..
I finally got in the saddle.. happy face!
Me and Jackie went for long walks..
I became brunette!
Francesco and I broke up..
I had my 23-years birthday, a lovely one with family and friends.
Enjoyed the great autum with lots of walks and running tours with this lady.
Went out horsebackriding with Matilda..
I met Andreas..
The first snow came..
I went to Gothenburg with my workmates at Bredaryds Wärdshus..
And we celebrated Xmas..
It's been so much happening this year. When I look back at it I am so happy for all the things I have done and for all the amazing people I have met and so on. 
THANK YOU 2013!!!
Let's now hope for an amazing 2014!!
Lots of love Jen

Raining cats and dogs

Good Friday evening babes !
Hope you are well. I am soon heading to Bredaryd for dinner at Bambu with Andreas and his friends. Will be fun! 
Outside it's raining cats and dogs. Boring weather but better make the most of it hey.

I have been lazy today. Doing not to much.. or well I was out running but that's about it. But sometimes you are allowed to have those days.
Last evening we went to Matilda and her family. Was so nice seing them all and be together. I love my cousins. We had lovely food and I had some really good italian red wine.
Talked all evening, had more sweets ( have been eating way to much sweets this Xmas), played cards and tried some whiskey.
Well. Hope you will have a great evening. Can't believe it's friday again!
Btw, some pics from our fun and lovely trip to Gothenburg:
 Amazing pasta. Bounisimo!
Fun times with some shoping.
 This place was so cosy! Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant. 
From the hotel room..
Ginger beer at the Rover
 And burgers at Rover! 
 Amazing people those two are! 
Myself and Sebbis! 
Those coctails were amazing!
A really great City- Gothenburg.
Lots of love Jen


Xmas gifts, feelings, whiskey and love

God evening lovely world and merry Christmas once again!
Hope you are having a great great time and that you are spending Xmas with your nearest and dearest.
I have had and are having such an amazing and magical time with my big family and with Andreas. So much love in the air.
Yesterday I got so many lovely presents. I feel so blessed and spoilt. Thanks everyone. The best with Xmas is still tho to be toghether with your nearest. '
Yesterday me and my family went to Grandpa for Christmas lunch. It was nice to see everyone. Good food, talk and Xmas feeling.
We watched Kalle Anka at home. ( In Sweden everyone is watching this tv-program on Xmas Eve )
Later on, we drove to Grandma's house for more food, cosy time and Christmas dividend. Andreas came aswell, it was so good to see him. He makes me feel like a princess. I am so happy I have met him. And everyone in my family loves him. Feels great!
When we got home from Grandma's me, my brothers, Sofia ( Joakim's girlfriend ) and Andreas
had some Whiskey and more beers and just talked about anything and nothing. We also played some games. Tumbs up for a great day!
I woke up with Andreas next to me. Feels good good..
I feel so happy happy.
Tonight I am going to Ida and Kent to do a bit Sauna. Haven't done that in a while, so will be nice. I am going to meet Andreas again later on. We are probably going to his friends. 

Love life.
Tomorrow we are going to Matilda and her family. They have had and having a hard time right now. I think of them. Be strong ladies. Love you <3

Me and my handsome brother Johan!
Love all the Xmas beers..
What is Christmas without a Christmas Tree?
Love Xmas and all it candles!
I love you daddy- You are one of the craziest and most amazing people I know! '
And of course some cousins- cuddle.
And of couse- lots and lots of food. Yum!!
I have started to become a Whiskey neird. Love it. haha.
And.. I got to meet Santa Claus!
Take care of youself, talk soon <3
Love Jen