Hello there! 
How are you?
I am doing fine, but tired after tabata workout at the gym. So much fun though being back there! 
Soon bedtime for me.. it's hard being pregnant and work full time. 
Andreas is away on a course in Denmark with his new job so I will be alone until Friday evening... I guess I will survive but it's always hard when you are used to have someone to sleep next to.
Well hope you had a good day! 
Talk soon
Bouna notte xxx 

Bella italia

Hello Monday!! 
Hope you are having a good start of this week. 
I started my Monday at work. I won't say I jumped out of bed this morning. But well good to be back at some routines. 
So the time in Italy was fantastica as you probably already know. So many beautiful views, great food, laughts, drinks and memories. 
The day before we left Italy we went on a boat tour to Capri. A great boat tour but unfortunately I felt a bit seasick. Luckly it was better on the way back to Praiano. It is always a special feeling being on a boat, so close to the sea. 
Once again thanks to my beautiful family- my mum & dad- my siblings, my fiancé and my sister in law for a great great trip. 
Hopefully we will go back one day..
The house we hired. Perfect stay!
Babybelly is gettting brown.. 
My darling. 
The view from the house 
Some exercise.. 
Can't get enought of this view.. 
We walked those stairs every day.. Not bad for a 7 months pregnant woman!
My everything <3
Mum and dad are having a swim in Positano. 
Beer o´clock
On our boat tour.. 
Views from the boat.. 
Those two.. 
Happy Jen! 
Pizza o´clock.. 
One of millions of vespas in Italy... 
Selfie time.. 
More pizza.. 
Morningwalk for me and belly.. 
Tomatoe soup.. 
More stairs.. 
And more pizza!
Looking serious waiting on the bus that never came. Italians..
Gelato-time!! So yum!
More food.. 
And some kisses of course.. 
Mangiare mangiare! 
More cuddles.. 
Acrobaleno.. the rainbow one morning
More food.. 
Bruchetta.. so simple-so good. 
And more icecream in the sun..
La birra! 
Babybelly. So much love for that little one already! 
More stairs.. 
Can't get enough of italian pizzas, right ?
Coctails and moctails. 
My beautiful parents!! 
Non-alco kiwi drink for me :) 
Love this picture of me and little belly. 
Cristalclear water. 
Ravioli con limone. Bouno!! 
On Capri! 
On the boat.. 
There were so many lizards on the walls anywhere you walked.. This little baby-lizard was so cute!
More pasta.. 
Belly <3
And ravioli.. 
A little morningwalk with the sun rising.. 
Italian coffee.. best one for sure.. 
Grazie Italia
Have a good evening, talk soon! 
Lots of love 

A casa

Ciao Sweden💙 
We got back home last evening and today we have had a slow day. 
Tomorrow I will show alot of pictures from the trip. 
But for today I will just say Grazie mille Italia for a wonderful week! I feel blessed ❤