Running and 6 months postpartum

Hello Saturday and hello Valborg! 
Hope you are well! I am feeling good and had a lovely family day so far. Started the day with vegan panncakes and lots of coffee, then a pw/run with my love and Lily in the stroller. And when we got back we had some leftovers for lunch and now we will relax before getting ready for the evening and dinner at my uncle and his wife to celebrate my cousin William, how turned 15 yesterday.  
Yesterday I was out running a half marathon again. I ran in a great speed and felt fantastic afterwards. I tried my new shoes, they were so comfy. Love asics! 
After the run yesterday we had a calm evening with pizza, crisps and fruit. Lily was in a good mood and went to bed at eight and slept until 5 this morning!! My love and I watched two episodes of the serie we are following. So relaxing! 
6 months after giving birth to Lily. I am soo soo happy ofr my strong and fit body. 
mama-workout for me and Lily playing off on her own. 
My parents were in Serbia last weekend and bought those cute bottles and glasses for us. 
Well time for a shower now! 
have a lovely evening,
hugs Jen 

6 months of pure happiness and love

Yesterday our little girl turned 6 months.
6 months! half a year. I could never imagine a life without her, my sweet angel.
She is nowdays turning around, and she loves standing on her feets ( me or Andreas holding her ofcourse). She got two teeth. Next week we are going to the child care center again and we will see how tall she is and what weight she has. 
I love you so much Lily. You are my everything! 
she got swin pox ( svinkoppor) in her face. My poor baby girl. 

hello there!

Hello Friday! 
Weekend again! Yeay! Another rainy day here.. but after rain comes sunshine, right? next week Sweden will finally get some sun and warm weather. 
Today after a bad night sleep ( I couldn't fall asleep last night and when I finally did Lily woke up and was a bit worried all night..) But we survive. I am not that tired, but think I will relax on the sofa after saying hello here ( Lily is sleeping now! ) 
We started the day with brekkie and then a walk with Carro and Elna. It was raining but still nice with a walk. After the walk they came by for a coffee. 
Lily was not in a very good mood ( stomage pain I think) But we had a bath this afternoon and after that she was better. 
Tonight we have no plans. What are you guys doing? 
Last night after Lily was put in bed and sleeping, Andreas and I had a glas of red with some chocolate and crisp, just the two of us, watching a serie " the missing". So luxury! 
Some of Lilys food yesterday ( potato, parsnip and broccoli.) 
And we had this for dinner last night, so delicious!! BBQ- oumph with roasted potatoes and parsnips. Served with oat-fraiche and broccoli! 
My little cheeky girl! 
Have a wonderful start of the weekend!