hello my dear darlings, 
My week have started very good. I have been very active with training, running, horseback riding, swimming and bicycling. Feels great! But I also feel a bit of pain.. especially ass-pain, from the horseback riding I guess ;). I haven't been really active here thou. Sorry. 
So Sunday evening when Andreas and I went back home to Värnamo, we stopped at his sisters house and we 
all had dinner together, us and her crazy family :) They just got a kitten, diesel. OMG, so cute! I love all baby animals. They are gorgeous. I can't wait until we have a puppy or a kitten. Animals are the best. 
Anyway, Andreas started work this Monday. I had a full day with my friend Lisa, we took care of the horses, painted her stable, went swimming in the lake, which is just amazing now! The water is so warm. Oh I love the swedish summer!!! Then we also had a bbq in the evening. Love those evenings, friends, love, food, wine and lots of talk and laughts. Lisa and I haven't got a day together like this since last year, way to long! When we move to Bredaryd it have to be more often. 
So Tuesday morning I actually ran to Lisas place to pic up my car. I left it there Monday evening so I decided to get it the day after. Easyas. I love running. I get crazy if I don't get to run or exercise. And I am so happy my body is strong and fit, I am not thin or skinny, I got my curves, and I am proud of it. 
After running that morning Lisa invited me for breakfast. So I stayed for breakfast in their garden. It's lovely when you can sit outside and eat. The food sort of taste better in some kind of way :) 
We decided to go for another horseback-ride and so we did. My dear horse laban was as cute as always. I love those big and smart animals. 
After horseback riding I went home to my parents, bought my cutie Jackie with me and went down to the lake to have a swim. I got to say it again, it's so lovely! 
In the afternoon I had to do some laundy and all that fun stuff. And in the evening me and my other half had a cozy one in front of the TV, I cooked meatballs and fresh potatoes. Easy and yummie. 
Today I have been a bit lazy. Been watching Supernatural, my favorite series at the moment, all morning.
Now I am starting to prepare dinner I thought. Making a chickenpaj with pepper and sundried tomatoes. I thought I might do a cake too.. haven't baked in ages and I have watched so many baking and cooking programs lately so I feel like doing something's so much fun!  
Well here are some pics from those days. 
Love life #
Have a good one! 
Lots of love Jen 

Sunday rain

Good afternoon lazy Sunday! 
I am having a very lazy Sunday , eating my favourite crisps , drinking diet coke and watching tv with my darling while it's raining outside. You can also hear some thunder.
It's cosy.
Last evening Andreas and I had dinner at a nice restaurant close to the beach here in halmstad. I think the name was Timmerstugan. I had chicken with  dragonsauce and new potatoes.  Andreas had homemade burger. It was very tasty. I love food! 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  
With love Jen