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Sunnies# in love# 
Bouna notte♡ 

I feel the love

Oh hello my darlings, I have missed you. Sorry I have been superbusy lately and haven't had any time for blogging at all. 
But I am back. Feeling very good today and outside it's a wonderful springday with sunshine. Love those days. 
As I said I have been busy, been working around 70 hours per week! I know it's a lot. It's been stressful and tiresome. But all those times always comes with something good. If you work hard in life, you will get credit for it. I promise. And of course- you have to stay positive. Always remember that.
This morning I went to the hospital, don't worry it was just a check up. After that I went running for about one hour and 15 minutes. So nice to be back in my runningshoes! And now I am sittning here, drinking a red bull and having some time for myself before heading to work. 
My brother Johan had his birthday this week and hopefully Andreas and I can go visit him this weekend if I get a day off. I want to give him his presents :) 
I am very happy for having so many lovely and caring people around me here in my life. 
Look what I got from some German guest, very sweet I think :) 
Not all for me though- I will share it with my workmates ;) 
And this I got from my two awesome bosses - directly from Manchester! Love :) 
From todays runningtour 
Sia must be my favorite Australian singer! Her voice is just so cool . 
Anyway I better get ready for work! 
Have a wonderful friday :) 
Love Jen  

Redwine, love and kisses

Bouna sera, 
What a week! Been working around 70 hours!  That's crazy and way to much than normal... anyway sitting drinking my second glas of red wine now, feeling tired, loved and full from our lovely dinner. I really deserve this.. :)
Well now it's movie time with my wonderful darling. ♡ 
Have a great evening ♡