Heart to heart

Hello my darlings, 
So weekend is over and new week is here. This week will be long days at work for me but then 4 weeks summer holiday! 
My weekend was good! Worked Friday and Saturday thou but yesterday I had a cosy day with Andreas family. We went to a café called Suzies. A bit of rock/old style café with lots of charm. We ate homemade hamburgers which were awesome. Unfortunately I didn't take many photos. 
After Lunch we went back to Andreas parents and hade cake and coffee.
Andreas and I are moving to Bredaryd in the end of this summer!! Yey! We have finally found a apartment that we like. It will be perfect for us, at least for a few years and then we maybe will buy a house! 
Last evening we met up with my brother and his Sofia at my work. Usually we are closed on Sundays during summertime but yesterday was different since my two bosses opened up and people came to watch the football world cup and drink beer. It felt strange to be there not working, but at the same time very good to just relax with my darling and friends. Tumbs up! 
My lovely mum and sister bought me some clothes yesterday as well. Thank you ladies. I love you most. 
Love my new pullover. 
So have a great Monday! 
Love Jen 

Halloumi and aloe vera

G'day mates! 
Hope your day is going well. I started mine with the voice Australia. Really like it and the singers are so good.. make me miss Aussie though..
Anyway have been active today as well. Done some laundry and was out for a longer run before, feels very good. 
Just got back home from some grocery shopping and made myself a yummie salad with halloumi cheese and beetroot. And a glas of aloe vera drink. So fresh! 
Now I need to iron and clean up here before work. Have a great day mates .
Love Jen