Vilken härlig dag ute med grillning och mys med famiiljen hemma hos min pappa och mamma.
What a lovely day outdoors with bbq with my family at my parents

Throwback Italy

Bella Italia.. 
Found a few photos from our trip to Praiano, Italy
 earlier this year in August.. what a lovely trip with my beautiful family. 
Memories <3

So much love and emotions

Hello there dear ones! 
Were to start. The last days has been filled with so much love and emotions. Lily has taken everyones breath away. Our little miracle. 
It's good to be home again after a few days at the hospital. We stayed for three nights at the hospital, so we got back here Tuesday afternoon. 
 Ready to head home from the hospital.
 Three days after giving birth on the first picture, and 1 day before giving birth on the other one. Or bodies are amazing. 
I am still very tired and in a bit of pain. ( my breast are very sore and so are my lower abdomen.) But everytime I look at my daughter I forget the pain.
Labour was on for about 14 hours. I will do I post about my labour later on.
She weighted 3,375 kilo and was 51 cm when she got out. The feeling of meeting your baby for the first time is just so so amazing.It's crazy how you love somebody you never met.
No words can describe. 
Our happy little girl!!  
Those days home has been so cosy and we have had family coming over to meet Lily and to give her presents. She is so spoiled already!
 Lilies for Lily! Love those flowers. 
More flowers from my beautiful mum ( grandmum.)  
And so many cute clothes.. THANK you all. I feel so blessed. 
Andreas and I have taken it very easy those days. It's been cold outside and yesterday it was snowing (!!) so it felt extra good just to relax and cuddle with our baby.  
Todays photos. She is a little sleepyhead. I love her so much already-  
This afternoon I had this "babyblues", I just started to cry and cry for an hour, my hormones are everywhere. I just feel so happy. I guess it will be like this for a few days now. 
 Last night's dinner. Pasta with fresh coctail tomatoes and mozzarella. Yummie and very simple.
Now it's time for dinner.
Talk more soon and be prepared it will be heaps of baby photos on this blog from now on.
And once again- thank you all for the wishes!
Hugs Jen