Hello my dear ones! 
Hope you are feeling fabolus on this Friday. I feel great! Sun is shinning, workout is done and lunch is eaten. Soon about to ride my bike to work. I would rather be out sunbathing in the sun this afternoon but I think work at the old people's home will be alright.
Well sun is out and it feels like the Swedish summer finally is here. I love the summer here in Sweden. It's green, warm and so beautiful. 
Yesterday I had a day off from work. 3 more days of work and I am finally on vacation!
Well yesterday we had a day at my parents. We helped my dad with his firewood ( for the winter ). In the afternoon we went down to the lake for a swim. So nice! The lake has perfect temprature now. I will definately go for a swim soon again. 
In the evening we made tacos and all my siblings were home. I love spending time with my family. 
Catched this beauty on my camera yesterday. 
Lunch at the balcony the other day- pasta with beans and tofu. Yum! And I love eating out in the fresh air!
And breaky the other day. Love making smoothies with berries that I pick. And we also got jam from my mum. Delicious! 
And some vegan-chocolate cakes from the other day when my parents came for dinner at ours. 
Today I am 27 weeks preggo. Time goes so fast! I wanted to have a photo of my back to see if I look pregnant from behind. I have to say I feel pretty proud with myself for being able to workout so much and still building mucles still thou I am preggo. 
 Now I will try to enjoy some sun before work. 
What are you guys doing today? 
Have a lovely day! 
Hugs Jen