Early morning walk and "semlor"

Hello there! 
Hope you are well! We just got back home after "baby rhythmic " and lunch with the other mums in Bredaryd. 
Lily and I started the day early after a good night's sleep with a little walk in "bredaryd city" together with C&E again. Perfect start. Then breekie and coffee in front of paradise hotel 🙊
At baby rhythmic we dance and sings with the babies and afterwards we have coffee, but today also lunch and "semla". I love "semlor " so yum! A bun filled with whipped cream and almond cream. 
me and my princess ❤ 
I still have sinusitis so I am a bit careful with my exercise this week. Probably have to skip both power pump and tabata this week:( 
Well wishing you all a great "semle "-day 
Hugs Jen