Today we are tired.. 
Since we slept bad tonight. But in some kind of way, when you are a mum you survive on just a few hours of sleep. 
I never thought I could sleep very close to my baby or having my baby on my chest while sleeping but obviously I can. I have always been moving alot while sleeping but since Lily came it's like my body&brain have turned into another zone. Mother nature is amazing. 

Yesterday was the 29th of November that means little Lily is more than a month old now.. 
I just had breaky and Lily is sleeping on me. I am watching vampire diares and drinking my second cup of coffee. Though I will go for a powerwalk later on, maybe my sister wanna join me. I also need to start buying Christmas presents.. I love Christmas but it's to much stress with buying presents to everyone. 
Anyway guess it will be fun..
.. can't believe it's Christmas in less than a month. This one will be extra special since Lily is here with us. 
Have a wonderful day !