Ooops.. and so it goes when I am bored.. I went shopping at 
well I deserve this now when I am sick, right ? ;) 
 My wallet not that happy, but I am happy.. all that matters :)
Rut&Circle Izabelle Shiny Pant
I was watching a movie before. ( have been having my own cinema here for the last 3 days when I have been sick. ) Still though I hate being sick.. I have to say its's a bit cosy too.. with movies and bed... Anyhow I was watching THE VOW with Channing Tatum and Rachel Mcadams. Good movie!! Watch it if you haven't :) 
Anyway I feel I have a bit more energy right now so I thought I will go out to buy a few things.. I am crawing diet coke. Haven't really been eating much now when I have been sick but will try to feed myself with something later on. Andreas is with his friends tonight, playing bandy as he usually does on fridays. I don't blame him.
He will be home in a few hours. 
First of all I need a shower. So have a great friday night, hope yours is more exciting than mine, 
Lots of love Jen