Morningcoffe and a round belly

Hello there everyone! 
Hope you are having a good day. I am doing fine. Just did some breathing and yoga exercises and right now I am drinking chaitea and eating a cinnamon cake that I just baked. So I feel relaxed in all my body. 
My day started early. I slept bad and woke up many times last night. Well that's how it's when you have a big belly. I made myself a oatmilk-latte and breakfast and watched the news. 
Later on I tidied up the apartment and took care of everything I bought yesterday when I, my mum,sister and cousin were in Ge-kås ( a big shoppingcenter just 50 minutes from where we live). I bought some new trainingclothes, a new nightdress ( on the pictures below), some nursing bras, hygienestuff, a yoga mat and a few things for the kitchen and the apartment.
After been tiding up a bit I went for a 6 km walk. It's been rain outside for two days now. I don't mind actually. It's pretty cosy. 
Back from the walk I made myself lunch. Wok for me today again. I made a wok the other day aswell and it was so yum. 
Wok with noodles, veggies, qourn and a homemade sataysauce. 
When I sit down nowadays it looks like I have swallowed a fotball.  
Soon my darling will be home from work and later on we are going to have a look at another house that we might be interested in. Let's hope and cross our fingers we find our own house & home soon. 
Hope you all will have a wonderful evening! 
Lots of love