Weddingbells and breakfast

Hello sunday! 
A tired Jenny here today. 
Yesterday was so much fun! The wedding was stunning and I couldn't keep my tears away. 
My friends how got married didn't want any photos on social media and I totaly respect that. I can just tell they both looked amazing.
The food was great, the service exellent and everyone enjoyed the party, both young and old.
We were home around three in the morning after dancing our shoes of. People got bananas in the end of the night when the music started to play. So much fun and I laughted until I cried. So tumbs up for this party! When I get married I want the same joy!
Today I made a big breakfast when I woke up, both me and Andreas were pretty tired. I was out for a quick run before, first one this week, felt awesome to be out again, but I have to be careful with my throat, it's still a bit sore. 
Soon I am heading to met my tupperware girls for a meeting and tonight will be a cosy night in with ma babe. I love hime so much. 
This photo is so much happiness 
At the wedding  
Breakfast x2 I love those mornings... 
Talk soon ! 
Love Jen