Midsummer & love

Hello my dear ones! 
How are you? I am feeling fantastic! One good thing about being pregnant is that you don't have any hangover :) 
Yesterday we had a lovely traditional "midsummer" here in Sweden. And the weather was amazing and still is today- so after writing here I will definately go out and enjoy the sun. 
Photos from yesterday: 
Babybelly and I started the day with a run. It was a gorgeous morning! 
For lunch we were invited to my parents. My grandma & grandpa were there too. So cosy with familytime.
Grandma & I <3 
My sister in law hade made this amazing cake. It tasted as good as it looks! 
 Later on we were invited to another party at our friend Henric. 
 Dancing around the midsummer pole.. 
And the midsummer kiss from my prince! 
Hanging with Fidde! 
The lake next to Henric's house was so beautiful later on in the evening. We went down to take some photos. Sweden is so freaking beautiful those moments. 
 And hello from babybelly. Already in week 23 now. I feel the little one moving alot in there. It's such an magical feeling. 
Well now time for sun! 
Thanks life for letting me have my beautiful family & so many amazing friends<3
I feel so happy.
Hugs & kisses