My weekend

Good evening lovely sunday 
I have had a very nice and relaxing weekend with a bit of everything.
Horses, friends, cleaning, yummie food, some work and some family time. 
Friday after work I met up with Annie and we went out with the horses! best way to start the weekend. 
Friday evening my darling and I catched up with some friends and had asian food, so yum. 
Saturday morning after a run I had a yummie brekfast with my love. 
After brekfast we did some cleaning and shopping and in the afternoon I worked at the old peoples home for a few hours. 
When I got back home around 9 pm I had this- GingerJoe, chickpea sallad, chips and chocolate. Andreas wasn't home and it was actually nice to have an evening on my own. 
Today we started the day with banana and almonsmilk pancakes with fresh coconut, kiwi, grapefruit, nutella etc. Love those moments.  
We just got back from my parents place- we had some coffe and cake with them ( I baked a lingonberry cake-very yum ) 
Thanks life for this weekend. I feel good.
And today it's exactly one month until we land in Australia!!! 
Now time for cooking
With love Jen 

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